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Surface Patterns by Front Line Assembly is part of the album "Millennium (Front Line Assembly album)" .

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Lyrics of Surface Patterns

On to
On to The Mindfield
Into The Hole
Chemical Cauldron
Location Still Unknown

Sobre a
Em The Mindfield
Na cova dos
Chemical Caldeirão
Situação ainda desconhecido

Out of The Tunnel, Into The Light
World Destruction, Now Seems Right
A Barren Landscape of Burning Hell
Within OUr Dreams
We Feel The Spell

Para fora do túnel, Into The Light
World Destruction, agora parece Direito
A paisagem árida do Inferno Ardente
Dentro de nossos sonhos
We Feel The Spell

Watching Their Minds Blow
Lower than Low
Hooded Mutations
Ride by Nights
Scouring The Earth
For Impure Life
They Seek They Search
And Will Destroy
Immoral Acts They Will Employ

Observando o golpe Minds
Inferior a Baixa
Capuz Mutações
Passeio pela Noites
Escavando a terra
Para a vida impura
Eles procuram Eles Pesquisa
E destruirá
Atos imorais que será utilizada



Freedom of Movement
Body in Pain

Liberdade de Movimento
Body in Pain

Stigmatized by The
Sound of Fear
The Land IS Full of Chemical Tears
Communication Has Broken Down
Exterminated Body Parts
On The Ground

Estigmatizados pela
Sound of Fear
A terra está cheia de Tears Química
Comunicação quebrou-se
Partes do Corpo exterminados
On The Ground




'Surface Patterns' is the name of the second single from the album Millennium by industrial music artists Front Line Assembly. It was released on CD and 12' LP formats by Roadrunner Records in 1995.

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