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Symphony of Destruction de Megadeth vem com o gênero Hard Rock & Metal,General , Rock,General. Foi lançado em 16 Sep 2008 sob o rótulo de Sanctuary Records. Direitos Autorais holded por (C) 2002 Sanctuary Records Group, Inc.

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Letra Symphony of Destruction

You take a mortal man,
And put him in control
Watch him become a god,
Watch peoples heads a'roll

Você pega um homem mortal,
E colocá-lo no controle
Assistir-lhe tornar-se um deus,
cabeças de pessoas Rolando
Rolando ...

Just like the Pied Piper
Led rats through the streets
We dance like marionettes,
Swing to the Symphony...
Of Destruction

Assim como o Flautista de Hamelin
Conduz ratos pelas ruas
Nós dançamos como marionetes,
Swing do Symphony ...
Of Destruction

Acting like a robot,
Its metal brain corrodes
You try to take its pulse,
Before the head explodes

Agindo como um robô,
Seu cérebro de metal se corrói
Você tenta tomar o seu pulso,
Antes que a cabeça explode
Explode ...



The earth starts to rumble
World powers fall
A'warring for the heavens,
A peaceful man stands tall

A terra começa a estrondear
As potências mundiais caem
A'warring para os céus,
Um homem pacífico ergue
Tall ...




'Symphony of Destruction' is a 1992 single by the American heavy metal band, Megadeth, from the band's 1992 double platinum selling album, 'Countdown to Extinction'. The song is a fan-favorite and is a live staple in Megadeth's shows.

'Basically what this song is about is, you take a person - a typical stereotype numbskull - and you give him the old shit, shower, and shave, throw him in a monkey suit and he can run the country. As he starts to become more this political puppet, things start to get worse.' (Mustaine, 1992) 'It's about the masses being led to their own destruction by a leader who's more or less a puppet of a phantom government. Just about every leader we've had that hasn't ended up with a bullet in his head is a political puppet.' (Mustaine, 1992) 'This was really a stroke of luck for me. I can remember it like it was yesterday. Driving down Riverside Drive in Toluca Lake to my house and jotting everything that I could down on paper. I even wrote lyrics on the back of my arrest paperwork from the time I went to jail.' (Mustaine, 2001) 'This was as close to a 'hit' as we got. The original version of this song was much longer but we edited a lot of it in pre-production for Countdown... I really like this as a Megadeth song because it is simple and the beat doesn't really change much. A solid track.' (Friedman, 2002) The classical piece at the beginning of the song is from Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart - Requiem (K. 626) - Domine Jesu Christe

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